Kingstown Desk Case Study

St James Interiors was commissioned to make this remarkable desk for a house owned by a CEO of a large legal firm.

St James Interiors was briefed to design a desk that would be in keeping with the style of the house, as well as introduce a feature that would add warmth through the use of wood and a walnut matte to soften the space.  The study had already been built, so the desk required a specific and tailored size to fit into the space.

Sourcing rare materials is a specialism of St James Interiors, who sourced a large enough piece of walnut veneer to present a seamless grain across the front of the desk. The Kingstown desk is an excellent example of how St James Interiors can overcome practical challenges to produce furniture that meets a client’s exceptional expectations.


In Brief

  • Designed as two-person workstation for a husband-and-wife team.
  • Created to bring warmth to an ultra-modern living space.
  • Because of the size, the desk was made in two sections and assembled it in its final position in the study.
  • Walnut veneer and Corian were used as an integral part of the design and to hide the joint line between the two sections.
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