St James Interiors

St James Interiors are master joiners with decades of experience and limitless designs.

Working directly with clients, interior designers, architects and developers, St James Interiors collaborate to present style and individuality to homes, private residences, hotels, private jets and luxury yachts.

St James Interiors presents a bespoke design service, with every piece handcrafted by talented craftsmen in Britain. Designed in the London workshop, the team works with the finest materials, such as wood, glass, metal and leather.



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bespoke black gun metal desk
Learn more about the award winning Dhan Desk View

The Vithal Jesse desk, our signature piece, is an example of us pushing boundaries in design and production. St James Interiors collaborates with you to style a new bespoke collection. A combination of your ideas and the expertise of St James Interiors will create the finest modern pieces.

St James Interiors has a specialist team dedicated to creating custom-made kitchen designs.

Each piece of work commissioned to St James Interiors tells a story and has been handcrafted through a collaborative journey with each client. The process is seamless from start to finish.

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